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European Cade Raid What is it all about?
The   Cade   Raid   label   came   about   in   1998   when   I   was   wandering   what   label   I   could   use   to   call   the   events   that   I   was   organising.      I   looked   at   the   Gold Wing   club   and   their   Wing   Dings   and   thought   what   rhythms   with   Cavalcade.   Most   of   the   words   did   not   sound   right   and   did   not   roll   of   the   tongue   so   to speak.     After   thinking   for   about   30   minutes   it   came   to   me,   what   rhythms   with   Cade,   Raid,   so   the   label   for   Cavalcade   events   was   born,   Cade   Raids.     The   Americans   liked   it   and   asked   if   they   could   call   their   events   Cade   Raids   and   of   course   I   had   no   objections.      At   that   time   there   were   only   100 members of Cavalcade USA.   The   very   first   European   Cade   Raid   was   held   in   June   2002   at   Heerlen,   Netherland   and   was   a   week   long   event.      This   was   supposed   to   have   been jointly   organised   by   the   Norwegian/Swedish   clubs   organiser,   Dutch   and   British   Cavalcade   clubs,   but   in   the   end   I   was   left   to   organise   the   event   on my   own,   receiving   no   communication   from   the   other   people   concerned.      When   Ronnie   &   I   arrived   at   the   site   there   were   three   tents   &   6   people   on the   site;   1   Person   from   Belgium,   1   from   Holland   and   a   family   from   Sweden,   Kenneth   Norlin,   his   wife   and   their   two   children.      Kenneth   and   family stayed   all   week   and   the   other   two   left   on   the   Sunday.      There   were   other   day   visitors   through   the   week   including   two   from   Norway,   but   they   only stayed for two days and left.   The   main   thing   has   far   as   Ronnie   &   I   were   concerned,   was   for   the   children   to   enjoy   their   trip   to   Holland,   and   the   ride   outs   we   did   were   mainly   to places   that   they   would   enjoy,   including   Efteling   Theme   Park.      To   see   the   joy   on   their   faces,   on   the   rides,   was   all   the   reward   that   I   needed   to   think that it was worth all the effort, although the event its self was not a success.   Due   to   the   lack   of   communication   between   the   UK   club   and   the   other   clubs   at   that   time   I   decided   not   to   put   on   any   more   European   events   due   to there being no support.  However, in 2007, I revived European Cade Raids and the rest has they say is history.      David Hebblethwaite, UK Founder of Cade Raid