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European Cade Raid
Santalahti’s      holiday      resort      offers accommodation         possibilities         for everyone.   A   relaxing   camping   cottage surrounded   by   pines,   a   high   standard log    villa    with    a    whirlpool    bath,    or something in between? Santalahti   has   on   43   cottages   and   234 beds. Hotel   Santalahti   is   family   owned   and right    next    to    camping.    It    offers    cosy home       like       accommodation       with restaurant,   meeting   rooms   and   sauna. Rally breakfast served here.
The first ever European Cade Raid held in Finland Join   us   to   make   history.   Participate   to   this   unique   raid   held   in   the land   of   the   thousand   lakes.   Santalahti   Holiday   Resort   offers   us cosy   and   easy   living   in   the   beautiful   nature   near   city   of   Kotka.   Only 134km from Helsinki and 296km from Turku 296km harbours. July in Finland - summer at its best July   is   in   the   middle   of   finnish   holiday   season.   The   nature   is   at   its best.   Sun   shines   long,   lakes   are   warm   for   a   swim   and   temperature is warm. Bookings   directly   from   the   hotel   (*   and   holiday   resort.   Not   via Juha, please. See confirmed pricing and program ! Traffic safety and road signs of Finland Download program as a .PDF file
European Cade Raid 2013 5.-8.7.2013 at Santalahti, Kotka, Finland
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