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Three models GT   is   the   entry   level   version   missing   cruise   control   and   having basic   suspension   instead   of   air   pressure   controlled   ones.   GT   was available     also     with     glove     compartment     instead     of     Clarion radiocassette-intercom. LX   is   the   middle   model,   already   very   equipped   one.   It   has   air compressor   controlled   suspension   and   pneumatically   adjustable passenger      seat      and      backrest,      cruise      control,      Clarion radiocassette-intercom just to mention some of the features. LXE   is   the   top   of   the   line   equipped   even   further   than   LX.   It´s   driver seat    has    also    pneumatic    comfortably    control,    wind    control    for driver,    wide    engine    guards    with    fogd    lights    and    blinker    switch activated   turning   lights.   Passenger   has   an   adjustable   neck   rest and     volume/balance     controls     for     backrest     integrated     stereo speakers.
Cavalcade models GV1400
Suzuki Cavalcade GV1400 LX 1986 Suzuki Cavalcade GV1400 LXE 1987 Specially for Cavalcade designed Clarion stereo radiocassette player with automatic channel search, intercom and speed controlled volume Adjustable passenger footrests and seat back.
All models have
GV1400 LX 1986
GV1400 LXE 1987
Passengers adjustable foot rests Clarion stereo radiocassette player with intercom and speed sensing volume
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